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Saturday, September 28, 2013

A new shape of Super Ténéré motor generations from Yamaha

The new Super Ténéré highlights perform the new cycle with enchantment qualities,incorporates with the modern technological like traction control and ABS with combined braking and throttle-by-wire. Our test of this new model took us across the Pyrenees into Spain which has a trip of more than 1200 km (roughly 700 miles).

 Super Ténéré from Yamaha is an outstanding motorcycle. An 1199cc parallel twin with four valve heads, DOHC, and fuel injection, peak power is 110 hp at 7250 rpm. With a broad, smooth band of torque it provides rapid acceleration. The MotoGP-inspired crankshaft firing interval is one of the most interesting points, and is similar to, in some ways, the crankshaft employed on the four-cylinder R1 sportbike.

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